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Social Disability and Space of Orphans: A Study of Contemporary Religious Organizations among the Muslims of MalabarSharafuddin KV, Page 1 – 18  PDF Download
 Karl Marx and Allama Iqbal’s Islamic Socialism: A Comparative AnalysisAjaz Ahmad Lone, Page 19 – 25  PDF Download
From Flame to Ashes: Aligarh Movement’s Vision of Progress at CrossroadsTawseef Ahmad Bhat,  Page 26 – 37  PDF Download
 Muslim Response to Huntington’s Theory of Clash of CivilizationsNazar-ul-Islam Wani, Page 38 – 57  PDF Download
 Environmental Protection: An Islamic Perspective – Mohd Altaf BhatPage 58 – 65  PDF Download
Rights of Children in Islam and Contemporary ScenarioRafique Anjum & Bilal Ahmed Wani, Page   66 – 75 PDF Download
Preventive Measures of Health in Islam – Javid Ahmad BhatPage   76 – 83 PDF Download

 Issues/Discussion Forum

 Saudi Arabia is Misusing Mecca – Khaled M. Abou El Fadl Page   84 – 87  PDF Download

Book Review

Sufism: A New History of Islamic Mysticism by Alexander Knysh – Tauseef Ahmad Parray, Page   88 – 91 PDF Download
 Madrasas and the Making of Islamic Womanhood by Hem Broker – Fakhuzzaman, Page   92 – 94 PDF Download

Some Recent Publications on Islam/Muslims

Some Recent Publications on Islam/Muslims  Page 95 – 95  PDF Download