Editor : Nadeem Hasnain

Arabization’ of South Asian Islam: Changing Face of ‘Lived Islam’ and Muslim Identity in IndiaNadeem Hasnain Page 1 – 18 PDF Download

Yatheem Khanas and Human Development: A Study in the Context of KeralaMubashir VP Page 19 – 36 PDF Download

National Liberation Movement of North Caucasus (1820-1860): A Study of Muridist MovementJavid Ahmad Bhat Page 37 – 44 PDF Download

Dargah of Syed Salar Masud Ghazi: A Sacred Space for all FaithsRahmatullah Page 45 – 53 PDF Download

Orientalist Approach to Hadith literature and Muslim Critique: A Study of Muhammad Mustafa ‘Azmi Sheraz Ahmad Mir
– Wasim Sadiq
Page 54 – 60 PDF Download



Madrasa Discourses, a project of advancing scientific and theological literacyJaved Akhtar Page 61 – 70 PDF Download


Issues/Discussion Forum

Sunnis, Shias and Sufis – Disunity in Muslim Ummah Syed Asad Page71 – 73 PDF Download

Life without the Hijab: A Woman’s Journey to Freedom?Zeenat Khan Page 74 – 78 PDF Download


Book Review

Islamism: What it Means for the Middle East and the World by Tarek Osman Showkat Ahmad Wagay Page 79 – 80 PDF Download

Supernaturalism of the Qur’an: Historical Development of the Ideology of Iijaz al-Qur’an by Obaidullah Fahad –  Juneefa Bilal Page 81 – 83 PDF Download

Reading Modern Trends in Qur’anic Translations by Abdur Raheem KidwaiMuhammad Yaseen Gada Page 84 – 88 PDF Download

Islam, the Bastion of Human Rights, translation of Urdu book “Islam Insani Haqooq Ka Pasban” by Moulana Syed Jalaluddin UmariMohd Altaf Bhat Page 89 – 90 PDF Download


Some Recent Publications on Islam/Muslims

Some Recent Publications on Islam/Muslims Page 91 – 96 PDF Download