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Ijtihad and the Question of Legislation: An Analysis of Allama Iqbals’ ViewsJuneefa Bilal & Sheikh Ishfaq Page 1 – 11 PDF Download

Analyzing Maududian Discourse on Minorities in an Islamic State Showkat Ahmad Wagay Page 12 – 21 PDF Download

Inter-faith Dialogue: Perspective of Isma’il Raji Al Faruqi’s Islam and Other FaithsSumaiya Ahmed Page 22 – 37 PDF Download

Family Planning: An Appraisal of Islamic Methods and TechniquesSajad Ahmad Padday Page 38 – 45 PDF Download

Towards Establishing an Ideal Family: Insights from Said Nursi’s Risale-i NurZubair Hamid, Page 46 – 54 PDF Download

Issues/Discussion Forum

A Nationalist Takeover of Hagia Sophia is not What the Muslim World Needed NowArshad Alam Page55 – 57 PDF Download

Understanding Muslim identity in Pluralist India – Nadeem Khan Page 58 – 61 PDF Download

Book Review

Keeping it Halal: The Everyday Lives of Muslim American Teenage Boys by John O’BrienAseem Hasnain Page62 – 65 PDF Download

Rethinking Reform in Higher Education by Ziauddin Sardar & Jeremy Henzell-Thomas – Muheeb Ahad Page 66 – 68 PDF Download

Some Recent Publications on Islam/Muslims

Some Recent Publications on Islam/Muslims Page 69 – 74 PDF Download