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A Sociological/anthropological view of ‘Lived Islam’ and its ImplicationsNadeem Hasnain Page 1 – 6 PDF Download

Sir Syed and Cultural Pluralism: Advocacy of Shared Legacy for Common Nationhood Mubashir VP Page 7 – 17 PDF Download

Dargah of Dewa: A Symbol of Communal Peace and Harmony Rahmatullah Page 18 – 24 PDF Download

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan and his Critical Evaluation of Muslim Political ThoughtMohd. Younus Kumar Page 25 – 36 PDF Download

Understanding Jihad in Islam with Maulana Wahidudin KhanJavid Ahmad Bhat Page 37 – 44 PDF Download


Issues/Discussion Forum

What Caste-Based Census May Offer to The Pasmanda Muslims in Bihar?Syed Ali Mujtaba Page 45 – 46 PDF Download


Some Recent Publications on Islam/Muslims

Some Recent Publications on Islam/Muslims Page 47 – 49 PDF Download