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Fratricidal War within the Muslim World: Islam’s Existential CrisisNadeem Hasnain Page 1 – 5 PDF Download

Islam at the Crossroads: The Perceptions of Muhammad Asad Sumaiya Ahmed Page 6 – 14 PDF Download

Islāmic Ethics and Challenges: An Analytical Study of Hadith-iJibrail and Shariah G. Ahmad Raza Page 15 – 27 PDF Download

Prophet Muhammad and his Treatment of Non-Muslims Sartaj Ahmad Sofi Page 28 – 33 PDF Download

Aligarh Movement and Women’s Education: A Historical SurveyKashif Umair Page 34 – 48 PDF Download


Issues/Discussion Forum

Demonising Muslims: How the Act is Rooted in a Cynical Reading of Islamic ScripturesM. A. Sofi Page 48 – 51 PDF Download

Call for Solidarity and Action: Naming and Ending Gender ApartheidWLUML Page 52 – 54 PDF Download

Wahhabi Impact: Influence of Wahhabi Islam on the Indian Muslim Community is GrowingSultan Shahin Page 55 – 57 PDF Download


Book Review

Community Still Matters: Uyghur Culture and Society in Central Asian Context by (Ed.) Aysima Mirsultan, Eric Schluessel and Eset Sulaiman Aseem Hasnain Page 58 – 59 PDF Download


Some Recent Publications on Islam/Muslims

Some Recent Publications on Islam/Muslims Page 60 – 63 PDF Download