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Muslim Girls and Higher Education: A Sociological Analysis of Patriarchy, Policy and PovertyAzra Abidi and Roshni Kazmi, Page 1 – 15  PDF Download
 Institution of Family in IslamShowkat Ahmad Wagay, Page 16 – 21  PDF Download
Peace and National Development through Religious Harmony: Building Moderate Networks of Salafism Mubashir VP,  Page 22 – 42  PDF Download
 Understanding Nationalism with Abul Kalam Azad and Said Nursi Sajad Ahmad Padday and Zubair Hamid, Page 43 – 53  PDF Download
 Orientalist’s Reaction on The Hadīth Literature: A Brief Study of the Contribution of Ignaz Goldziher – Sumaiya AhmedPage 54 – 65  PDF Download

 Issues/Discussion Forum

  If Muslims are to Meet the Herculean Challenges of the Modern Age, It can only happen through a deep understanding of the Rational Islam of the Golden Age – Steven Horowitz Page   66 – 71  PDF Download

Review Article

Contribution of Aligarh Muslim University to Quranic Studies – Muhammad Yaseen Gadda, Page   72 – 82 PDF Download

Book Review

Islam in Pakistan: A History by Muhammad Qasim Zaman – Mohammad Ali, Page   83 – 86 PDF Download
21st Century Quranic Studies in English: A Bibliography by Sajid Shaffi – Muhammad Yaseen Gadda, Page   94 – 97 PDF Download

Some Recent Publications on Islam/Muslims

Some Recent Publications on Islam/Muslims  Page 98 – 103  PDF Download