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Two Views on Muslim Societies:Maududi and Ramadan – Ranjit Sau PDF Download
Islam, Bread Riots and Democratic Reforms in North Africa – Anwar Alam PDF Download
Conceptualizing Islamic Tradition – KP Faisal PDF Download
Scheduling the OBCs among the Muslims in Uttar Pradesh: Discrepancies and Irregularities – Abdul Waheed PDF Download
A Study of Pluralism in Islam – Zubair Zafar Khan PDF Download
Educational Marginalization of Muslims in a Metropolitan: A Sociological Study of Jamia Nagar Government Schools in New Delhi – Azra Abidi & Shariq Abbas PDF Download
Status of Muslim Women:An analysis of Sachar Committee Report – Azra Khanam & P K Mathur PDF Download
How Far Dars e Nizami is Attuned to Modern Era:Some Observations – Zubair Zafar Khan PDF Download

 Book Reviews

Role of Muslims in the Freedom Movement of India By Abdul Ali and Zafarul Islam(ed.)
S. H. M. Rizvi
PDF Download
The Idea of a University: Jamia Millia Islamia By Rakhshanda Jalil(ed.) – Shibani Roy PDF Download
Excavation of Truth:Unsung Heroes of 1857 War of Independence By Khan Muhammad Sadiq Khan – Zafarul Islam PDF Download
Islam and Democratization in Asia By Shiping Hua(ed.) – Tauseef Ahmed Parray PDF Download
Democracy in Muslim Societies:The Asian Experience By Zoya Hasan(ed.)
Tauseef Ahmed Parray
PDF Download
Contesting the Saudi State:Islamic Voices from a New Generation by Madawi Al Rasheed – Tauseef Ahmed Parray PDF Download