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The Democratic Muslim State: A Possibility Theorem – Ranjit Sau PDF Download
Muslim Reformist Thought in 21st Century and its’Broad Themes:A Brief study of’ ‘Democratic Pluralism’ in the light of A.Sachedinas’ The Islamic Roots of Democratic Pluralism – Tauseef Ahmed Parray PDF Download
Allama Iqbal on Islam-Democracy Discorse: An analysis of his Views on Compatibility-Incompatibility – Tauseef Ahmed Parray PDF Download
Measuring MENA Islamic Banks’ Efficiency: Does Countrys’ Income Level have an Impact? – Mohammad Akbar Noor Mohammad Noor & Nor Hayati bt Ahmad PDF Download
Poverty as Hinderance in Education among the Muslims of Uttar Pradesh – SSA Jafri PDF Download
Chikan Craft as a Subsistence Occupation among the Muslims of Lucknow – SSA Jafri PDF Download
Growing Consciousness for Education among Indian Muslim Women: A Case Study of Allahabad University – Firdous Azmat Siddiqui PDF Download

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Review of Literature on the Islam-Democracy Compatibility Theme:1990-2009 – Tauseef Ahmed Parray PDF Download

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Culture, Science and Violence -The Quranic Approach : Obaidullah Fahd – Mohd.Irshad ul Haq PDF Download


Rethinking Islam – Ziauddin Sardar PDF Download
Ideas and the Decline/Revival of Islamic Civilization – MA Muqtedar Khan PDF Download
Velvet Jihad:Muslim Womens’ Quite Resistance to Islamic Fundamentalism – Faegheh Shirazi PDF Download


Women Living Under Muslim Laws PDF Download