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Rise of Political Islam in Central Asia : A study of Pre and Post 9/11 Era – Shabir Ahmad Mugloo   Page 2 – 13 PDF Download
Muslim – Christian Relations : Towards a New Paradigm of Peaceful Co-existence – Mohd Yaseen Gada   Page 14 – 24 PDF Download
Role of Quranic Interpretations in the Social Mobilization during India’s struggle for Independence – Mubashir VP   Page 25 – 40 PDF Download
Pahlavis as Pioneers of Education in Iran : A Study of Reza Shah – GN Khaki & Mohd. Altaf Bhat   Page 41 – 49 PDF Download
Religious Syncretism, Conversion and Practices among the Muslims : A Case Study of Hussain Dighi of Uttar Dinajpur District of West Bengal – Hasibul Rahaman   Page 50 – 57 PDF Download
The Condition of Indian Muslims : Issues and Challenges – Sohail Akhtar   Page 58 – 82 PDF Download
Mawlana Azad and Commencement of Modern Era in India – Showkat Ahmad Dar   Page 83 – 115 PDF Download
Communalism : Deconstructing Majority – Minority Relationship – Irfan Khan   Page 115 – 135 PDF Download

 Issues/Discussion Forum

‘Arabisation’ of Islam in Asia : A Clash within Civilization – Baladas Ghoshal   Page 136 – 139 PDF Download
Go Beyond Cliches Like Islam is a Religion of Peace, Refute the Generally Accepted Core Theology Which is Helping Jihadis Lure Our Youths to Terrorism – Sultan Shaheen   Page 140 – 144 PDF Download


Fatema Mernissi: The Pride of Islamic Feminism in Modern Times – Mohammad Hashas   Page 145 – 150 PDF Download

 Book Review

The Covenants of the Prophet Mohammad with the Christians of the World by John Morrow – Mehrajuddin   Page 151 – 155 PDF Download
Sponsoring Sufism : How Governments Promote ‘Mystical Islam’ in their Domestic and Foreign Policies by Fait Muedini – Mohammad Irfan Shah   Page 156 – 161 PDF Download
Muslim Zion : Pakistan as a Political Idea by Faisal Devji – Tauseef Ahmad Parray   Page 162 – 165 PDF Download

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Engineers of Jihad by Diego Gambetta & Steffen Hertog   Page 166 – 167 PDF Download
Force and Fanaticism : Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and Beyond by Simon Ross Valentine,   Page 168 PDF Download
A Struggle for Identity : Muslims Women in the United Provinces by Firdaus Azmat Siddiqui,   Page 169 PDF Download
Islamic Reform in South Asia by (ed.) Filippo Osella & Caroline Osella, 2013.   Page 170 PDF Download