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The Effects of Othering on Perceptions of TerrorismAvery Roe, Page 1 – 25 PDF Download

The Liminal Space of Dalit MuslimsPrashant K. Trivedi, Page 26 – 36 PDF Download

Equity Financing Models in Islamic Finance: Efficacy and Limitations Zubair Hamid, Page 37 – 45 PDF Download

The Stance of the Early and Later Ulama on the Mappila Revolts Abu Bakr Sidhiq VP, Page 46 – 61 PDF Download

Triple Ṭalāq in Islamic Law and Triple Ṭalāq Bill: An Analysis – Mohammad Muslim, Page 62 – 69 PDF Download

Issues/Discussion Forum

Conservative Islamic views are gaining ground in secular Bangladesh and curbing freedom of expression – Anders C. Hardig Page 70 – 74 PDF Download

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board is Again Putting Muslims to Shame; This Time by Defending Nikah,
Halala and Polygamy
– Arshad Alam Page 75 – 77 PDF Download

Some Recent Publications on Islam/Muslims

Some Recent Publications on Islam/Muslims Page 78 – 85 PDF Download